Advantages of LCD Televisions

Television is a thing which cannot be considered as an avoidable luxury in the contemporary society. In the modern household it is as important as a cooking range or refrigerator. It is not only a source of entertainment but also a valuable resource for acquiring knowledge and availing information. The gadget is in constant demand by all members in the family irrespective of their age. When television was first made available for public consumption it was regarded as a luxury because of the cost factor. But in the course of years, prices came down mainly because of market forces. Another reason was the modern productivity techniques adopted by the manufacturers to increase production and to reduce the cost of production.

CRT television was the first product that arrived in the markets in the early years. Then came the liquid crystal display television, which is considered as stylish and sophisticated. It is molded in a most innovative technology. Even though LCD was expensive than CRT television, consumers developed fascination for the new product due to the qualitative superiority it commanded. Liquid crystal display panel is based on an entirely different technology. Pixels are filled with liquid crystals which are illuminated by CCFL back-lighting. LCD television became the favorite choice of the consumers because of the superb display and color saturation it yielded. But after a few years when plasma technology was introduced into television market it posed a challenge to LCD. Plasma television also has many superlative characteristics and naturally consumers started comparing the two.

There were both positive and negative factors that are attributed to LCD as well as plasma. Competition became stiffer in the endeavor to capture the market. Manufacturers of both of the above televisions took positive steps to make their products foolproof by rectifying the aberrations that are pointed out against the respective products. Intensive efforts paid dividends. Quality of the products could be enhanced through a series of steps taken to up grade the technologies. In the process LCD televisions reaped many benefits. Product reviews appearing in the media observed that LCD has made remarkable advantages through the up gradation exercises.

Problems of screen blurring or appearance of ghost images experienced in the early models of LCD could be completely eliminated by adopting new technology. 100Hz clear motion drive is obtained through the technique of Interpolation. Response speed was boosted to 2 milli seconds. Another remarkable change effected in some models of LCD television is the utilization of Light Emitting Diode (LED). lg smart tv 43 inch 4k Usually LCD television used CCFL back-lighting as mentioned earlier. Now LED back-lighting technique has replaced the CCFL. Contrast ratio is enhanced to 1,000,000:1 which is the highest ever in any model of television. The new back-lighting technique has other advantages like low power consumption and true life colors. In-plane switching (IPS) technology is yet another input in the LCD television. Wider viewing angles and better color reproduction could be achieved.

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